Warranty Guide

Each mattress comes with the 10 Year Full Warranty and we will discuss the terms of that guarantee below.

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Care Tips and Warranty Details

Purchasing a quality sleep product from AhhSleep is the beginning to improving your sleep. To prolong your bed and be more satisfied with its overall performance, please remember the following points

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Body Impressions

Body impressions are considered normal as your body interacts with the materials.

It is recommended to rotate your mattress every 2 to 3 months to equalize the wear on either side.

If an impression exceeds 1.5" in depth, we would consider that to be excessive and it would be considered a defect of materials.

Please scroll down to see "How to Measure a Body Impression for Defects" and learn about checking if it is a warranty claim.

Mattress Foundation & Support

Frames and foundations need to be free from damage. They need to be built adequately to support the mattress and the weight placed on top of it.

Warranty claims will be denied if the frame or foundation is damaged or inadequate.

All bedframes and mattress frames require a center support leg for sizes wider than 39"(Twin & Twin XL) to adequately support the weight of the mattress.

Platform beds, beds used without a box spring, require a flat platform or an approved slat pack. Platform beds require 3 center support legs if not using a box spring.

Slat Packs are horizontal planks that are a minimum of 1/2" thick, 3" wide, and extend the full width of the bed. Slat packs require enough slats to where the gaps between them do not exceed 3".

Mattress Protector

We recommend a premium quality mattress protector cover be placed on your mattress at all times.

This protector acts as a barrier against stains to the mattress.

Stains, burns or abuse of the mattress will void the warranty.

Cleaning the Mattress

Do not use dry cleaning fluid on your mattress as it will cause damage.

Do not get your mattress wet. Some of the upholstery materials my compress if wet.

Do not Iron your mattress. This may cause the cover to become damaged and foam materials melt.

Do Not Remove Your Law Tag

This warranty begins on the day that you take possession of your mattress.

Please keep your receipt to reference your order number and mattress model.

DO NOT REMOVE THE LAW TAG from your mattress.

You will need both your law tag and receipt to file a warranty claim. They will serve as a means of establishing your warranty rights.

Full Replacement

Upon determining warranty defect has occurred, a new model will be sent to you of same or equal quality.

Once a replacement is sent, the warranty will not be renewed or extended.

Factors That Can Void Your Mattress Warranty

It is important to avoid these things if you want to preserve your warranty's coverage. Here are some of the most common factors that can void your warranty:

  • Staining or otherwise damaging the mattress with fluids. Because liquids can damage mattress foams, staining your mattress with any type of fluid is liable to void it's warranty.
  • Removing the mattress tag.
  • Failing to provide the proper support for your mattress. See approved support below.
  • Not being the original owner of the mattress. Warranty's are not transferable.

What is NOT covered

  • Normal wear & Tear
  • Mattresses with stains, burns, soils or that have been abused.
  • Personal comfort
  • Structural damage to the mattress due to the use of an improper bed frame.
  • Impressions of less than 1.5"
  • Mattresses that have already been replaced. This warranty is limited to ONE repair or replacement.
  • Replacing of other pieces in a sleep set.
  • Transportation/freight costs. It is the primary responsibility of the consumer to pay ALL transportation, freight, and/or shipping costs when returning defective products and receiving replacement products or parts.
  • Damage caused by tampering with any component or part of the mattress.
  • Damage caused by laundering or dry cleaning
  • Damage caused by act of nature.
  • Place a Straight Edge

    Using a long, straight item, place it over the impression you wish to measure. Make sure it is long enough to extend 6" past the impression on either side.

  • Measure the Gap

    With a ruler or tape measure, photograph the distance measurement from the lowest valley, up to the Straight Edge.

    Gaps greater than 1.5" are considered to be defective.

  • Photograph

    Take these photographs to submit your claim:

    • The gap measure
    • The mattress spot
    • The whole mattress in frame
    • The law tags

    Remove the mattress and photograph these items too:

    • The foundation or box-spring
    • The bed frame without the foundation on it