Tuft Stitch Quilting
Soft padded feel giving that classic mattress feel
Iso Coil Support System
A better level of support
Motion Separation
Reduce partner disruption caused by tossing and turning
2" Gel Infused Memory Foam
4" thick pressure relief layer w/ 3lb density

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Common Questions

What is the return policy?

In an effort to save the most money on each model, there is not a return policy.

Any issues around defects or warranty claims can be submitted through our contact page.

How long will my mattress take?

Total time averages 8 days usually affected by shipping times.

Production takes 72 hours and a tracking number is provided when the label is created.

Shipping can range from 5 to 10 days, and ships via common carrier.

Why are your mattresses so affordable?

Mattress stores have rent, commissions, utilities, and distribution costs.

In addition, returns are expensive and those costs are difficult to recoup.

We ship from the assembly line and allow people to choose on returns. These costs represents up to 40% of a mattresses price.

How much is delivery?

Delivery is FREE in the continental US. All items ship common carrier to your door.

A tracking number is provided so that you can receive your shipment once delivered.

What is a "Full" warranty?

All our mattresses are guaranteed for 10 FULL years, providing 100% replacement if found to be defective within that time frame.

Alternatively, many 20 year and promotional mattress warranties are pro-rated. These warranties will lessen as more time goes on.

Are your mattresses Made in America?

Our mattresses are built in the United States of America in a US factory.

Individual components may be sourced from other countries. For example the quality we seek in our covers are best found outside the US.

The Lull Mattress

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